Upcoming TAFL Training Workshop

Hedayet Institute for Arabic Studies is pleased to announce the upcoming of this Spring 2017 TAFL Training Workshop for instructors who have some experience in language teaching with good command of the Arabic language. The training includes 30 hours on the state of the art in TAFL field with hands on materials, group activities and  practical […]

Contemporary Arab authors

This week Hedayet Institute for Arabic Studies hosted a lecture by Egyptian author Dr. Reda Attia رضا عطية on creative and innovative contemporary young Arab authors, with focus on Iraqi works written in exile. “This was a very interesting and well explained view on how these authors describe their sentiments of being in exile and […]

Cairo International Book Fair

Hedayet Lecturer Discusses New Book at the Fair: Arabic Language students of our Hedayet school attended a seminar on Arabic literary critique, which took place at the 48th Cairo International Book Fair. The seminar, given by Dr. Etidal Osman – Hedayet school’s Arabic Literature lecturer – discussed Dr. Reda Attia’s new book – titled ‘Al’aa’sh […]

School trip to Memphis

  Hedayet Institute for Arabic Studies Spring Semester 2017. Hedayet school students took their Arabic language skills to the street in a visit to the ancient city of Memphis (Mit Rahina), where the great colossus of Ramses II rests, together with other ancient Egyptian monuments from the 19th dynasty. “The touristic school trip is part […]

New Online Arabic Course

The Hedayet Online Arabic Program is finally here. Developed by the same certified TAFL staff, using cutting-edge technology in teaching Arabic language, the program brings Arabic intensive experience from the comfort of your screen. Offered in flexible times throughout the year, and on one-to-one basis, Online Arabic provide language students with a very tailored learning experience. Whether you are taking care of the kids, have a busy work schedule, or unable to travel, this program is for you.

Spring 2017 Total Immersion Program

Interested in learning about the Middle East? Keen on having a first-hand experience in Egypt, to deepen your understanding of the cultural, political and economic context of the region? Then join the upcoming Total Immersion Program this spring 2017. The program offers serious language students a true cultural experience, providing intensive class teaching with cultural trips and activities. Come enjoy our flagship program in the best season in Egypt.

Egypt Safe to Travel

The US State Department has issued put Egypt back in the safe zones to travel in its recent travel advisoryUS security alert. Whilst several European countries were thought to risk some possible terrorist attacks, Egypt was rated among the safe countries to travel to during the holidays. This comes as great news for students and tourists travelling keen on visiting Egypt.

Pedro’s Oriental Music Experience

Pedro Martins, our Hedayet intensive student, has been learning oriental music at Hedayet as his elective course for the total immersion programme at Hedayet since Summer 2016. The course has deepened his understanding of the long history of Arabic music in the region.

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