Spring Total Immersion Program

The Spring term I Total Immersion Program starts 8 January! The program is an intensive Arabic program designed for study abroad students and those serious to master Arabic and enjoy a total cultural immersion experience. It offers 140 contact class hours over a period of seven weeks. You may combine two or more terms in the summer, winter or fall semesters, by indicating this in your application form. The intensive Arabic program consists of 20 hours of language instruction every week, including:

– 10 hours of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) or/and Classical Arabic,
– 6 hours of Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA),
– 4 hours of one elective course (Arabic Literature, Media Arabic, Selected topics in Islam, Introduction to Islamic Philosophy, Islamic Architecture, Introduction to Arabic Calligraphy, Introduction to Arabic Music).

Keynote lectures on different cultural areas are regular weekly events of the total immersion program. There are also several Cairo tours every two weeks, where students are accompanied by an Arabic tour guide. Several other cultural activities are regularly announced to students during the intensive program so that those who have the time can go and further enhance their cultural experience.

Program Dates

Term Dates
Winter I 08- Jan.-26 Feb.  (7 weeks)
Spring I  1 Mar.- 19 Apr.
Spring term II 26 Apr.- 14 Jun.
Price options
7 weeks $2500
7 weeks plus accommodation $3300
14 weeks $4750
14 weeks plus accommodation $6350

Up to 50% discount on tuition fees are available for students proving an excellent academic record and those from developing countries.

Application Deadline

The deadline for each term is one month before its start. 
Application Link

For more information, please contact: info@hedayetinstitute.com


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