New evening classes

The Hedayet evening Arabic term is finally here. Developed by the same certified TAFL instructors and experts, the program brings Arabic learning experience to the expatriate community and working students living in Cairo. The non-intensive program of Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian colloquial Arabic takes places on Mondays and Wednesdays (4 hours/week) Please check our […]

Farewell Lecture on Arabic Music

Our end of summer term lecture was delivered by maestro and vocalist Dr. Mustafa Ahmed who gave an overview of Arabic music on Oud and percussion. Students were introduced to the principles of Arabic maqam, its origins and development, Arabic percussion and to the main differences between western and Arabic musical systems. Led by the […]

School trip to Alexandria

The Hedayet Institute total immersion program students took their Arabic language skills to the streets of Alexandria during their visit of the city last weekend. The students visited the Roman Theater, the catacombs of Qum Al-Shokafa and Alexandria library before they finally enjoyed the fabulous views of Montaza Palace. The palace was built in by […]

Embracing Old Fatimid Cairo

Last weekend, the Hedayet institute total immersion program students visited the fabulous sites of old Fatimid Cairo. Guided by a local tour guide, the students enjoyed the views from the palace of Saladin, discovered the history of mosque of Ibn Tulun before they had Arabic tea at Al-Fishawi cafe. Weekly trips are part of the […]

Contemporary Arab authors

This week Hedayet Institute for Arabic Studies hosted a lecture by Egyptian author Dr. Reda Attia رضا عطية on creative and innovative contemporary young Arab authors, with focus on Iraqi works written in exile. “This was a very interesting and well explained view on how these authors describe their sentiments of being in exile and […]

New Online Arabic Course

The Hedayet Online Arabic Program is finally here. Developed by the same certified TAFL staff, using cutting-edge technology in teaching Arabic language, the program brings Arabic intensive experience from the comfort of your screen. Offered in flexible times throughout the year, and on one-to-one basis, Online Arabic provide language students with a very tailored learning experience. Whether you are taking care of the kids, have a busy work schedule, or unable to travel, this program is for you.

Spring 2017 Total Immersion Program

Interested in learning about the Middle East? Keen on having a first-hand experience in Egypt, to deepen your understanding of the cultural, political and economic context of the region? Then join the upcoming Total Immersion Program this spring 2017. The program offers serious language students a true cultural experience, providing intensive class teaching with cultural trips and activities. Come enjoy our flagship program in the best season in Egypt.

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