Hedayet Institute for Arabic Studies offers a wide spectrum of courses within its current programs, in both intensive and non-intensive forms, which are taught from beginner to advanced levels.

For advanced students, the institute can also tailor language courses, as well as, Middle Eastern studies courses, given advance notice. The institute has also coordinated intensive language and culture programs with several partner universities and institutes. Kindly contact us for more details.

1-All language proficiency levels of MSA (as in the chart)

2-All language proficiency levels of Egyptian colloquial Arabic (in the chart)

3-Introduction to Business Arabic I

4-Business Arabic II

5-Intermediate Reading

6-Advanced Readings (in different content-based areas)

7-Readings in Medieval Texts

8- Reading and Writing II and III

9- Advanced Writing

10-Listening Comprehension and Speaking I

11-Listening Comprehension and Speaking II

12-Listening Comprehension and Speaking III

13- Translation I, II and III

14-Introduction to Arab History

15-Introduction to the History of the Copts in Egypt

16- History of al-Andalus

17- Modern Arab Literature

18-Medieval Arab Literature

19-Classical Arab Literature

20-Survey of Islamic Architecture of Egypt

21-Introduction to Oriental Music (focus on ‘Ud)

22-Introduction of Arabic Calligraphy

23-Tajweed al Qur’aan

24-Introduction to Islamic Philosophy