Hedayet Arabic proficiency levels and their equivalent at ACTFL and contact class hours

Proficient students in a language should be modeling their counterpart in the target language. Therefore, they should be able to use both MSA and ECA in the right places, times and in the right situations.
The below is a general guide on the expected contact hours to achieve each proficiency level:


MSA course

Hedayet ECA course ACTFL Proficiency Min Contact Hours


Min Contact Hours


Expected Credits
Beginners I Beginners I Novice 36 144 3
Beginners II Beginners II Novice High 36 144 3
Beginners III Beginners III Intermediate Low 36 144 3
Beginners IV Beginners IV Intermediate Mid 36 144 3
Intermediate I Intermediate I Intermediate High 36 120 3
Intermediate II Intermediate II Advanced Low 36 120 3
Advanced I Advanced I Advanced Mid 36 120 3
Advanced II Advanced II Advanced High 36 72 3
Advanced High I Advanced High I 36 72 3