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Hedayet Institute for Arabic Studies offers courses, in both intensive and non-intensive programs, and taught from beginner to advanced levels.For advanced students, the institute can tailor language courses, as well as, courses in Middle Eastern studies, if advance notice is given. At all levels, class size does not exceed eight students, as part of the HIAS language philosophy.

1. Summer Intensive Program
The summer intensive Arabic program is divided into two sessions: mid June and end of July each summer. Each session offers 140 contact class hours (i.e 17 hours of language instruction and 3 hours of cultural activities every week) over a period of seven weeks. You may combine both sessions in an intensive summer course of 13 to 14 weeks, by indicating this in your application form. Students need to check with HIAS registration office for the exact dates each year. The deadline for applications for the summer course is April 30 every year. The summer intensive course includes 10 hours of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), as well as, four hours of Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA).

Key-note lectures on different cultural areas are regular weekly events to the summer intensive program. There are also several Cairo tours where students are accompanied by an Arabic tour guide every two weeks during the summer course. Several other cultural activities are regularly announced to the students during the summer program so that those who have the time can go and further enhance their cultural experience.

Proficient students in a language should be modeling their counterpart in the target language. Therefore, they should be able to use both MSA and ECA in the right places, times and in the right situations.
Tailored courses with different designed curriculum are possible for groups of three or more if enough notice time is given. Please check for this point with HIAS administration.

2. Student Tourist/Education Program
The Tourist/Education Program is a tourist cultural program for students of Study Abroad Programs. This program is for two to three weeks and enables students to travel in Egypt and learn about its culture while having their crash Arabic course. This is a program designed for groups of six or more students. (Check the times and costs with HIAS administration).

3. Spring/Fall Intensive Program
Spring and fall semesters are 14 week long each. Fall semester starts in the second half of September and finishes in the last half of December every year, and the spring semester starts on the second half of February every year. Please check for the exact dates every year with the program director. The spring/fall intensive program caters for the needs of students coming on language abroad programs and provides 17 to 18 contact class hours per week. Modern Standard Arabic is the main language course that Hedayet Institute concentrates on, in addition to special attention to Egyptian Colloquial Arabic. Content courses in Media Arabic, Arabic Literature, Arab/Islamic History, Coptic History with reference to Old and New Testament, Islamic Philosophy, tadjweed al-Qur'aan, Islamic architecture and calligraphy are also offered as elective courses according to the students' choice. Each student, is entitled to choose one elective course (3 contact hours) per semester. For compelete beginners, the elective course will be in English. Please refer to the application section for more details on how to apply.

4. UN staff Intensive Program
If you are a United Nations staff living outside Egypt, and would like to intensify your Arabic learning before your next exam, Hedayet Institute for Arabic offers you a three week intensive program that combines cultural and language learning. The UN staff program generally starts during the Christmas or the Spring vacations. For more details kindly contact the administration.

5. Non-Intensive Program
Hedayet Institute for Arabic Studies offers expatriates and working students a non-intensive (4-12 hours/week) course of Egyptian colloquial Arabic for students living in Cairo. This is offered through two or three times per week. Please check the application section for more details on how to apply.

6. Islamic Studies Program
Students wishing to primarily focus on Islamic studies can join this program. The program combines Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Islamic Studies, in a three-month intensive course. Classes consist of 10 hours of MSA per week and 5 hours of Tajweed, Quraanic interperetation (tafsir) and Islamic law (Maqaasid). The program continues from beginner's to advanced levels of Arabic proficiency and Islamic studies courses. .

Hedayet Institute offers special group rates for this program. In addition, students from low-income countries wishing to join this program will receive a 50% discount.



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